We are SuriShopping, a multi-million dollar company, proud to be the leading marketer of shoes, paper, stationery, uniforms and accessories for police, military, security and other organizations, in Suriname. Our suppliers are from the following countries: Brazil, Germany, Argentina, New Zeeland, China, USA, Holland, Belgium and India. Since there is a big demand for construction materials in Suriname and the Caribbean, we have expanded our product line in 2003 with construction materials, such as drywall, welding machines, hardboard, office furniture, tiles, roofing, drywall, steel, etc..SuriShopping was founded in 1992 by Mr. Ramsoender Jhauw. Our corporate headquarters are located in Paramaribo-Suriname in South America.


Quality is SuriShopping foremost objective. Whether it is in the dedication and professionalism of our people or the performance of our products, SuriShopping is ready to deliver just that. We are growing steadily as the demand for our products still is gaining a large group of loyal consumers. Our business is dedicated to provide our customers with the highest-quality, most highly effective products and services.


Our success not only comes from providing #1 Quality products, but also from our unparalleled service. From our Sales force to our Management Team, SuriShopping is dedicated to deliver complete customer’s satisfaction. Eleven well stocked stores in Suriname and a whole sale distribution channel in Trinidad & Tobago ensures we are poised to further increase our level of sales and service. Shortly we will start with a division in Guyana. We employ approx. 100 well-motivated people and this figure is increasing, as we plan to further diversify our products and expand the market. Nowadays we are exporting, as demand dictates, to the Caribbean through our bounded Warehouse in Suriname.


A clearly defined strategy guides SuriShopping’s daily actions. This means adding new products and services to solve a broadening array of customer challenges. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help customers acquire quality products.